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About Us

We are a team of professionals united by our obsession with fragrances. We are scent artists and chemistry geeks. Everything we do, we do with utmost enthusiasm and a sense of adventure.

We're driven by our ambition to advance the fragrance sector. We're allowing ourselves unlimited creative freedom and an unlimited number of experiments to make the impossible possible.

We always wanted to make a product that would not evaporate in just a few hours. We dreamt about "capturing" and locking in beautiful scents. Since 2013 we've been working on various products, and recently we've been able to make our dream come true.

That's how Infinity Nano Scent was born. Our patent-pending nano fragrance pushes the boundaries of scent preservation and longevity. After many years of research and development, we developed a nanotechnology process that enables perfume nanocapsules to attach to any surface when sprayed. Then when you touch it, the capsules break due to the physical movement.

We're incredibly proud of the results of endless work hours in our little laboratory.

We hope you will fall in love with us at your first smell.

our mission

The olfactory experience per se didn't change for millennia since the medieval perfumers were able to capture beautiful floral smells and lock them in little apothecary bottles. Technology has changed the world, but our fragrances changed very little.

Scents have always been very short-lived and very volatile. We're here to change that, to give you control over your fragrance experience.

We're here to make fragrances last longer and delight you anytime you feel like it. Now you have the power to control and activate your scent by simply touching it.

Our Values

Dare to Disrupt and Constantly Innovate.

We always offer a working medium that fosters creativity and freedom to experiment. We're problem solvers and don't just like things that smell beautiful; we think about solutions to improve our customers' lives.

Instead of pursuing significant corporate revenues, we deliberately keep a startup mentality and open-mindedness that enables us to do big things despite being a small team.

We're always in the learning mode. Every new product starts with "what if." We do not take "No," as an answer and dare to challenge the status quo about anything and everything. We don't like to make boring, ordinary products, and we strive to create next-generation, cutting solutions. We partner with and employ only like-minded people who share our passions and enthusiasm. Our team members are consistently positive, upbeat, energetic, and always a tiny bit crazy about dreaming big.

Our biggest motivation is customers' feedback. Delighted customers are our biggest reward, and everything we do is ultimately better for consumers' experiences.

We believe in quality over quantity. We never rush to put a product on the market until it exceeds our expectations.

Our laboratory is our playground. We think about our work as a play.

We are always deriving joy from what we do.